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Golden Advertising is an experienced and dynamic company, providing a highly professional level of service in business advertising, business marketing, website design, media presentations, internet application development, e-commerce and software solutions. Custom Website Design

Gary Golden – Business Background

With over 37 years in the lodging industry owning and operating our properties we now have a single property in Norwich, Ohio. Baker’s Motel was our first property and we continue to operate this property today over 37 years later, as an independent property we have no affiliation with any chains and my wife and I have raised our kids here, all of our kids are now adults and live away from the motel though they still return regularly to the place where they grew up.

Baker’s Motel is a very nice property that I take great pride in operating, this motel site on almost 7 acres of beautifully manicured land and offers almost 30 rooms with one queen size bed and over 20 rooms of 2 or 3 beds. I am proud to say that we are one of the few american owned independents left in Ohio. The independent motels like the chains over the last 36 plus years have been bought up by segmented groups and the traditional family owned property no longer exists as it was though over the years they have become quite astute operators.

We continue the tradition that we were raised in by maintaining our independence from chains and keeping our property well maintained in its original state which some people may not appreciate as there are some that prefer the modern look and the high price as apposed to the clean and comfortable look of the past.

Professional Business Advertising / Business Marketing

Golden AdvertisingSince 1999 we have been designing, developing internet businesses and providing business advertising and marketing services for a variety of clients. We provide our customers with a unique custom website design that not only looks great but also ranks well on the major search engines as we also provide professional organic search engine optimization for all websites that we create.

As Established Business Professionals, our sites sell!

I personally have over 36 years of small business experience and 12 years of custom website design and online business development our business experience we understand the needs of small business. My team consists of experienced professionals using the most advanced design and development tools. We believe that the Internet will become the ultimate driving force to enhance the global standards of living by dramatically improving efficiency, communication and the free flow of intellectual capital.

Business Timeline:

1983 – Present – Owner Golden and Golden Inc.

1980 – Present Baker’s Motel, my wife and I own and operate the motel in Norwich, Ohio.

1999 – Present – I Started Golden Advertising in 1999 – Today my online network of websites now includes advertising, marketing, website design, business development and travel.

I enjoy building online businesses and making them profitable, in todays market you can build an idea into a business with out a huge outlay of cash.

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