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2020 – Let’s Get r Done

It is hard to believe that I have been online now since 1999, which equates to 21 years this year. Now that is only how long I have been online in business, offline I have been self-employed since 1980 when we bought our first business which by the way I still have. We are definitely what you consider a small business, when I was younger I wanted to grow my business but today I just enjoy doing what I do.

I love helping others build their businesses also, that is the reason that I have my online directories and as a way of helping others build their business. Now unlike many online businesses out there I do not spend money on advertising but have built my business from organic SEO, my websites all rank very well on the search engines. Using my websites for your business advertising is a cost-effective way to build your business both online and offline and all listings will rank on the search engines but first you as a business owner have to see the need and understand the value, now I could sell you a bill of goods by advertising my site on the major serps telling you what a great site I have but then you really do not understand the value and understanding the value is creating a long term customer which is all I want. I see people almost every day either coming to my door or sending me an e-mail on advertising on their website these online advertising resources usually charge hundreds of dollars and in some instances thousands of dollars per year, with me you get on a website that ranks higher on the serps at a far less price. Then again I do not pay for advertising, I have rankings.

Over the years I have come to understand the value of advertising online as a way to build your offline business, as such I continue to build my offline business by building my online business. You can view my online businesses on the upper right side of the page so depending on the type of business you are in will help you hone in on where to advertise. Several months ago I added a forum to my online classified site for business only, here we can chat about your business and also how to advertise or basically anything related to business, this forum can be found at

Additionally, should you like all of my websites I have added my own text and banner advertising site which provides my customers a cost-effective way to advertise on all of my sites for on monthly fee, putting your business in front of hundreds of thousands of customers each month for only $100 per month, not per impression charge like most websites. Heck on most websites you would only get 1000 impressions for that cost and less if you count click-throughs, which means when someone clicks through to your website. I always say my business is building your business and by helping you build your business will build my business so let’s build a business together.

In 2020 I look forward to meeting and helping you build your business both online and offline.

January 4, 2019

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