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Changing With The Times

Small Business – Business Environment

As a small business you need to stay in touch to the business environment out there,  don’t get so entrenched in your business that you do not see what is changing around you.  All business is ever changing, as a business owner you need to see the changes and make those changes before you become one of the statistics.  Every year thousands of business go by the wayside, some simply just because owners cannot sell and just want out and other because they did not make changes when they needed to.

Changing with the times

Small Business – Ability to Change

When talking to business owners as an example which I hear all of the time is ” We never needed a website in the past, word of mouth is the best form of advertising.”  It still is the problem is that the word of mouth is being done over social media, now you can still have some business that simply walks in or calls because they heard about you from the neighbor but what happens if that neighbor moves, or even passes away well that word of mouth is gone.  The time to start thinking about your future is not when you do not have the money to do anything but when you can afford to do it right and then just maintain.  

Here are the steps you need to take while you still have a business that can be built:

Small Business – Online Business Development

  1.  Build yourself a nice website that is properly optimized and interacts with your social media pages so they can work together on building your business, personally, I would suggest a content management system like WordPress since even non-tech people can work in this environment.  
  2.  Build links to your online business, this can be done from high ranked directories, writing blogs pertaining to your business, your social media should always provide links to your website business.
  3.  Designate a couple of hours each week to your website, link building, article writing, etc.
  4.  Study what keywords people are using to find your business or pay someone to do this for you, I would suggest learning this for yourself that way you can instantly make changes as you see fit and also write articles pertaining to the keyword you want to get rankings for.
  5. Keep in touch with what your competitors are offering at their business, pay attention to what guest are saying or asking for, you need to make the final decision on which might most benefit your business in both short term and long term goals.
  6.  Read reviews on your competitors to see what people are paying attention to so you do not fall into that hole,  remember if you do not pay someone to do something then it becomes your responsibility to do it.  Many independents or small business owners fall into the trap if things get slow and they cannot pay someone to do a job that the job is not important and pretty soon nothing is getting done, this should never be the case as a business owners you need to pick up the slack.

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Our Classified System

Building Business Together
business and social concept – close up of man hand pointing at social or business network

BuckeyeAds.com has a classified system which is not just for businesses anymore though we have added a twist for businesses for that added exposure which is a business directory under the category businesses.   Additionally, of course, you can post in the classified categories but for that added exposure for your business, you can also have a business listing in our business directory.

With our free classified system businesses and individuals can place as many free listings as long as they do not have the same content as this is considered spamming, with spamming all ads will be deleted so make sure that when placing multiple listings that you modify your content accordingly.  Our new advertising systems will enable you to concentrate on the following.

  1.  Multiple city advertising so you have the ability to target market your products,  hone in on city specific keywords, build your business in areas that you want to build.
  2. All listings are search engine friendly meaning your listings can obtain rankings on the major search engines.  
  3. Provide the ability to add links to webpages plus share with the major social networks.
  4. The ability for people who might be interested in your products to converse with you.

Now our directory listings will cost only 1.99 for a 90 day listing with the ability to extend your listing up to 1 year,  making it very cost effective for any business.  Should you have a real-estate business, new or used car and truck sales we can provide you with additional discounts for large advertisers, please contact us directly.  

Business directory listings are placed by adding the 1.99 cost into the blank box to the right of where you see the fee. After completing your listing you will be asked to pay the fee, simply pay via PayPal and your listing will be put live within 24 hours for which we will add this time onto your listing so customers do not feel they are losing anything, All listings must be approved so that listings not meeting our requirements are not listed. Ad listings not approved will have the money refunded to the advertiser. Rankings for BuckeyeAds.com have continuously grown over the last several months, today we are one of the highest ranked systems in Ohio making our advertising cost for your business extremely cost effective.

Our new classified system has a banner ads system built into it, from your control panel you can place a banner ad. At present only 468 x 60 ads can be placed.

With our new system you can also become an affiliate an earn 50% commission of all paid listings, what a great way if you have a website to earn a good income from banner ads, classifieds and more.

Our new business forum at OhioForum.com provides anyone in business the ability to interact with other business professionals with a question and answer forum, simply login and post questions or provide answers.  All questions must be relevant to a business, we are all business all the time on Ohio Forum.

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Why do Businesses Fail?

The short answer is businesses don’t fail, the business owners fail. Most business owners probably do not like that answer but the truth does hurt and no one said it would be easy, there are many reasons though why a business fails so I am going to number the reasons to help me stay organized and on point.Why Do Businesses Fail -

1. The business may be top-heavy, too many chiefs and not enough Indians per se. I see this a lot in older businesses as they are afraid of trimming the fat, but in many cases, this is what needs to get done especially if the company has not changed the way they do business and has stayed with the old tried and true per se. I have to say though it would not matter if you had a lot of chiefs if they were actually being productive and made changes within the company as the economy would indicate in so many cases they are so out of touch with their consumer base they completely miss the window of change. One company was Toy’s R Us, they missed the window of change and what happened? The thing is we have seen this a lot over the years and will continue to see this as the past is the future, nothing changes except the date.

Small Business Failures

2. Small Business Failures just like big business just on a smaller scale fail for the same reason, owners either overspend, are out of touch with changes in the business or are not willing to change. This is one reason many banks will not loan to small businesses and for that matter independent businesses. For this reason, many people opt to join a chain or franchise as opposed to starting a business of their own so they can get a bank loan.

Your Business or Your Job

Let me move off topic for a minute, many people who go into business get into business because they think because they were successful working for a company they will be successful on their own, what they are missing is that they are only one cog in the machine when with a company but when you work for yourself you are the business, success or failure it is all on you and because of you. This is why if you start a business you need to have a good understanding of all facets of the business, Why? So when you hire someone to do a job you no if they are doing their job. People that have been in business a while are driven people, the chances of finding someone that is driven like you is pretty much impossible. Personally, in my business, I am happy if I can get someone to show up, which is why for myself I choose to remain a very small business. Years ago I had multiple properties with almost 30 people working for me but for me, I realized it was more work making sure that the work was getting done that it was worth to me so I decided to remain a single property where I enjoy working that multiple properties where it was work.

One Business or Multiple Businesses

Now as a one property business I still have to keep in touch with changes and I am able to adjust my business quickly which is the main reason I have been in business for over 38 years and counting. I started my internet business as a way to flow into retirement per se and over the years when I put a lot of effort in the online business I can make good money when I want to slow down a bit I can and that is what I like about being self-employed.

With all of my business experience where I have experienced about everything related to business I do not have to go to a book to answer a question, I have a wealth of knowledge on about every topic to or related to business.

I remember about 20 years ago a couple stayed at our motel that was starting a restaurant business in New Concord, Ohio. The two never had a business but thought they would like to run their own restaurant in a small town so they lease a property in town, within a couple of days they started telling me how to run my motel which I found odd since they had never been in business and I had been here for almost 20 years. This continued over the next to weeks with their training on how to run a business when I finally asked them, do you really think you know more about running a motel than I do since every time we talk you are always telling me what I am doing wrong. Well, they both had business experience working for other people, not themselves, I asked them why they chose a restaurant business for retirement to which the wife said I have always like cooking. Within a year they were out of business, lost everything. The morel of this story is until you walk in my shoes you cannot wear them.

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Banner and Text Advertising

Banner and Text Advertising

Banner and text advertising with Golden Advertising is a cost-effective way to build your business, we call it flat rates advertising.  With flat rate advertising, you pay a small monthly advertising fee and you can receive



unlimited hits, impressions and click all at one cost which is just $100. per month.  Presently we are doing over 90,000. impressions per day on our network which equates to over 2,000,000 visitors a month so with that type of visibility we provide businesses a win-win situation.

Golden Advertising Network

Listings appear on several of our high ranked websites which include, BuckeyeAds.com, NationalRoadEast.com, NationalRoadYardSale.com, CentralOhioAdvertising.com plus a couple more.  If your company deals in a larger than local area then Golden Advertising can offer a cost-effective advertising solution for you.  We do not do trades on Banner and Text advertising only on business listings on any one of our many websites.

When you advertise with us you have access to what your ad says or have the ability to change your listing whenever you want using our advertising system.  Ohio Advertising can offer you a quick and easy way to get your business listed and should you have problems then you can simply email or phone me to get things working for you.

Building Business with an Advertising Leader

Golden Advertising is an Ohio based company that has been providing advertising and marketing solutions to businesses since 1999, We remain small but our rankings on the major search engines rival many of the large sites,  since we are independently owned and operated we do not have the multi-million dollar advertising budget but since our websites are all organically ranked your business will have a steady source of traffic which will build your business.  What happens when the big boys run out of money?  their rankings go to nothing which is not with us as we have had continuous high rankings for most of the time we have been online.

Cost Effective way to Advertise your Business

At Golden Advertising we believe in providing a cost-effective way to advertise your business,  with us you do not pay by the click or by the impression but rather by the time frame,  simple advertising with a monthly rate which at only $100. per month it cannot be beaten.  The price is for banner or text, though with banner it does not include the banner,  we can create you a nice banner to use in your advertising which is also cost effective. Once you have the banner you can use it on all of your online advertising and not just with us,  use it in business ads that you place or where ever you want.   Cost for creating a banner is $75.00, a banner will be created to match your website with the text that you provide.

View our stats here:  Advertising Statistics

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Building Business on the Historic National Road

Building Business on the Historic National Road is one of our focuses at Golden Advertising in 2017 as we have purchased NationalRoadYardSale.com to accompany two of our other domains in building the business along the Historic National Road.  We feel that community involvement along the National Road which spans over 824 miles and crosses 6 states can benefit many businesses, they are many websites out there on the historical significance of the National Road but hardly any to actually help you build your business on the National Road, there are many historical businesses and new businesses alike that put their livelihood on the Historic National Road gaining importance for family and group travel.Building Business on the Historic National Road

Free Yard Sale Listings  / National Road

Our National Road websites were developed with that in mind,  two of the three National Road websites are already well ranked on the major search engines which is why we feel the addition of the latest will enable us to really put an effort forth on building everyone’s business on the National Road.  Since Golden Advertising does not have a large sales force we will concentrate on properly optimizing our website for high rankings.

Free National Road Yard Sale Listings

of course, for this to work we are offering Free National Road Yard Sale Listings for all people that want to have a yard sale.  Plan now if your home or business is located along the National Road. Our website BuckeyeAds.com  is one of our free classified sites for which we have set up a special section for the National Road Yard Sale, here you can place free listings for your yard sale.  Now promote your free listing on all of your social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and more by adding a direct link to your yard sale listing which in turn will bring business from your social networks but also from the organic optimization that we provide.

Tell your friends, business associates, and neighbors about our service for National Road residents.  If possible set up a multi-family yard sale or community yard sale which will bring visitors to your area for more than one day,  this will provide a lot of economic support for your community.  Hotels, Motels, Restaurants will all benefit from the travelers that can plan their trips based on community yard sales or large group yard sales.  Additionally, with the support of our websites, we can build knowledge and support for the National Road since ultimately remembering the past has everything to do with building the future.

Building Community Involvement / Yard Sale Event

One key to having a successful yard sale is planning, so do not wait till the last minute to plan for your community yardsale make it ongoing, feel free to sign up on NationalRoadYardSale.com or NationalRoadEast.com as a community writer, the cost is free and you can write about what your community is doing and add links to your community website from our website or us your blog on our site as the community page and have no cost involved.

Building Business with Support of Yard Sale Event

Business Owners can also take advantage of the advertising opportunities on our website,  everything is cost effective so all business can afford to advertise their business, unlike local newspapers which may charge upwards of 1900. for a half page ad for one day with us you can get a basic listing for $39.95 a year and benefit from business referrals, commission free for the entire year just not during the event or for a slightly additional fee you can receive top rankings on National Road East.   All business listings are on National Road East.com unless as a business owner you want to write for our blog either on the history of your business or on your community.  When writing an article you can add a link in what you write to your website which is sure to bring more traffic to your business, a good article is also a win, win for your business and your community.

National Road East is all about building business on the Historic National Road so if you are looking for new ways to expand your reach and would like to see some new business then simply become part of our family and place your business listing with us, if you would like a listing and simply do not have the time give us a call and we can do it for you.  Phone:  740-255-0852,  ask for Gary.  I am a  local business owner myself with a very good understanding of advertising and marketing so I would be more than happy to assist you in properly putting together a listing that will work for your business.

National Road Yard Sale.com  –  Strictly an information website for blogging on yard sales along the National Road,  no other blogs will be permitted.  No business listings will be on this website except blog writers and text and banner advertising which is also very cost effective.

National Road East.com –  This is a business directory for businesses along the National Road only no other businesses can advertise on this website.  Our goal is to build business for the National Road and keep business on the National Road.  Bloggers can also write articles to appear on this website for anything related to the National Road or on the National Road and gain a ton of exposure with what you write for free.

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Marketing Your Business – Using Linked In

A valuable part of any business is networking on LinkedIn, you can fine me here:

Golden Advertising


Marketing Your Business – I’m On LinkedIn – Now What???

“LinkedIn for Business: Marketing Your Business. July 10th, 2012 | by Jason Alba | . Here’s another article on how to use LinkedIn for a business: BusinessLink: …imonlinkedinnowwhat.com/…/linkedin-for-business-marketing…”

Setting up a Linked In account is simple, building a network will take some time.  It is essential to incorporate your social networking on all pages of your website or online ads, such as BuckeyeAds.com

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Business Marketing Online

Business Marketing Online

In today’s business arena if you do not have an online business marketing effort then you probably have a business

Online Marketing

that is struggling, you need to understand what is available to you online to really succeed with your offline ventures.  In our area we see business closings all of the time and when I look closely into why the business closes it is usually because the company did not make changes when they needed, these changes should include the following:

  • Having a website that is properly optimized for organic searches, start with local, regional and statewide then as you build incoming links you can expand to national and global rankings.  Start small and grow big!
  • Identify your markets and do not underestimate new potential new markets, be willing to make changes.
  • Do not wait until it is to late to make change, always look for new areas that offer potential growth.
  • Make immediate modifications in fixed expenses to match income,  the old saying you snooze you lose is very important.  Some companies worry about making cuts in employees but if you do not make cuts as needed you might not have any employees and no chance of ever bringing them back.
  • Study fixed expenses, modifications can always be made and some good changes are right in front of  your eyes.  Many times you may need to hire someone to analyze your business as someone else may see what you do not because you are to close to the problem areas.

Building a Better Business for Tomorrow

When making your move online you need to incorporate free and paid business advertising as a way to not only sell products but hone in on various relevant keywords for your business and products in addition to building incoming links to various pages in your website.  Create quality content for your advertising efforts and incorporate pictures as pictures are still worth a thousand words online or off, also incorporate social media into all of your advertising efforts to create chatter about your products or services.  Initially you will not create much chatter but as you learn to right quality content the chatter will start.  It is better to be a day late than a dollar short!

Identifying Changes in Business

Are you wanting to test changes before making changes on your website then take advantage of free and paid advertising to do so,  hone in on the keywords for local and regional results to see demand, study the results.  Create a special page that you advertising links to so you can see how many clicks are going to that page or use google analytics to view how many clicks come from various advertising efforts.

If you do not have google analytics on your website then we can set you up for just a small fee and you can start studying your traffic tomorrow.

See our upcoming local events

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Building an Online Business

Over the years I have become very knowledgeable on properly positioning keywords for high rankings online then last year I decided to start using my expertise to assist other in obtaining high rankings in addition to creating Building an Online Businessgreat designs for people who also need a website.  When putting together informational pages I always find myself designing it like a question and answer session, I guess that comes from all my years in business where when I had questions I had to figure out the best way to achieve the answer so by using questions and answers I might be able to answer some of the questions you might have. One thing I usually hear is I do not have the money for a website, or they may hire someone to put together a cheap website for that may look decent but is not properly optimized or scripted thus will never be found on the search engines. 

Another step in building an online business is building incoming links from similar websites, meaning if you have a plumbing website you will not trade links with a travel website.  There are a couple ways to exchange links, the first being that you install a link directory using dynamic linking so as not to send PR away from your site.  Do not simply just link to someone because they want to exchange links make sure you are on a page or website with similar content so the search engines will actually think they linked to you because your site has good content. Do not expect overnight success with your online business as websites take time to build, this is a process where if you do not have a large budget then it will take time and a lot of effort on your part to develop.   Personally I started my online business so that when I sell my brick and mortar business my online business is already generating revenue. 

Building an Online Business Today

At GUDesigns.com building an online buiness is our business and we do it well we have over 30 years of business experience in a various phases of business management and business development online and off. If you have a brick and mortar business and want to build an online business you need to have a website. 

Building an online business is not as simple as putting a few pages online,  these pages not only must look good but just as important they must be properly optimized for high rankings which is properly referred to as organic SEO.  Websites that are not organically optmized are what I refer to as a business card website, meaning the only visitors your will recieve are ones you give a business card or physically talk to.

Online Advertising used to Build an Online Business

Online advertising can be a great resource in building an online business, look for advertising resources where you can advertise for 3 month or longer that are free.  Additionally look for resources where you can use basic html in your ad so that your can incorporate h1, h2 or h3 tags in your advertising.

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