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Banner and Text Advertising

Banner and Text Advertising

Banner and text advertising with Golden Advertising is a cost-effective way to build your business, we call it flat rates advertising.  With flat rate advertising, you pay a small monthly advertising fee and you can receive



unlimited hits, impressions and click all at one cost which is just $100. per month.  Presently we are doing over 90,000. impressions per day on our network which equates to over 2,000,000 visitors a month so with that type of visibility we provide businesses a win-win situation.

Golden Advertising Network

Listings appear on several of our high ranked websites which include, BuckeyeAds.com, NationalRoadEast.com, NationalRoadYardSale.com, CentralOhioAdvertising.com plus a couple more.  If your company deals in a larger than local area then Golden Advertising can offer a cost-effective advertising solution for you.  We do not do trades on Banner and Text advertising only on business listings on any one of our many websites.

When you advertise with us you have access to what your ad says or have the ability to change your listing whenever you want using our advertising system.  Ohio Advertising can offer you a quick and easy way to get your business listed and should you have problems then you can simply email or phone me to get things working for you.

Building Business with an Advertising Leader

Golden Advertising is an Ohio based company that has been providing advertising and marketing solutions to businesses since 1999, We remain small but our rankings on the major search engines rival many of the large sites,  since we are independently owned and operated we do not have the multi-million dollar advertising budget but since our websites are all organically ranked your business will have a steady source of traffic which will build your business.  What happens when the big boys run out of money?  their rankings go to nothing which is not with us as we have had continuous high rankings for most of the time we have been online.

Cost Effective way to Advertise your Business

At Golden Advertising we believe in providing a cost-effective way to advertise your business,  with us you do not pay by the click or by the impression but rather by the time frame,  simple advertising with a monthly rate which at only $100. per month it cannot be beaten.  The price is for banner or text, though with banner it does not include the banner,  we can create you a nice banner to use in your advertising which is also cost effective. Once you have the banner you can use it on all of your online advertising and not just with us,  use it in business ads that you place or where ever you want.   Cost for creating a banner is $75.00, a banner will be created to match your website with the text that you provide.

View our stats here:  Advertising Statistics

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Building Business on the Historic National Road

Building Business on the Historic National Road is one of our focuses at Golden Advertising in 2017 as we have purchased NationalRoadYardSale.com to accompany two of our other domains in building the business along the Historic National Road.  We feel that community involvement along the National Road which spans over 824 miles and crosses 6 states can benefit many businesses, they are many websites out there on the historical significance of the National Road but hardly any to actually help you build your business on the National Road, there are many historical businesses and new businesses alike that put their livelihood on the Historic National Road gaining importance for family and group travel.Building Business on the Historic National Road

Free Yard Sale Listings  / National Road

Our National Road websites were developed with that in mind,  two of the three National Road websites are already well ranked on the major search engines which is why we feel the addition of the latest will enable us to really put an effort forth on building everyone’s business on the National Road.  Since Golden Advertising does not have a large sales force we will concentrate on properly optimizing our website for high rankings.

Free National Road Yard Sale Listings

of course, for this to work we are offering Free National Road Yard Sale Listings for all people that want to have a yard sale.  Plan now if your home or business is located along the National Road. Our website BuckeyeAds.com  is one of our free classified sites for which we have set up a special section for the National Road Yard Sale, here you can place free listings for your yard sale.  Now promote your free listing on all of your social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and more by adding a direct link to your yard sale listing which in turn will bring business from your social networks but also from the organic optimization that we provide.

Tell your friends, business associates, and neighbors about our service for National Road residents.  If possible set up a multi-family yard sale or community yard sale which will bring visitors to your area for more than one day,  this will provide a lot of economic support for your community.  Hotels, Motels, Restaurants will all benefit from the travelers that can plan their trips based on community yard sales or large group yard sales.  Additionally, with the support of our websites, we can build knowledge and support for the National Road since ultimately remembering the past has everything to do with building the future.

Building Community Involvement / Yard Sale Event

One key to having a successful yard sale is planning, so do not wait till the last minute to plan for your community yardsale make it ongoing, feel free to sign up on NationalRoadYardSale.com or NationalRoadEast.com as a community writer, the cost is free and you can write about what your community is doing and add links to your community website from our website or us your blog on our site as the community page and have no cost involved.

Building Business with Support of Yard Sale Event

Business Owners can also take advantage of the advertising opportunities on our website,  everything is cost effective so all business can afford to advertise their business, unlike local newspapers which may charge upwards of 1900. for a half page ad for one day with us you can get a basic listing for $39.95 a year and benefit from business referrals, commission free for the entire year just not during the event or for a slightly additional fee you can receive top rankings on National Road East.   All business listings are on National Road East.com unless as a business owner you want to write for our blog either on the history of your business or on your community.  When writing an article you can add a link in what you write to your website which is sure to bring more traffic to your business, a good article is also a win, win for your business and your community.

National Road East is all about building business on the Historic National Road so if you are looking for new ways to expand your reach and would like to see some new business then simply become part of our family and place your business listing with us, if you would like a listing and simply do not have the time give us a call and we can do it for you.  Phone:  740-255-0852,  ask for Gary.  I am a  local business owner myself with a very good understanding of advertising and marketing so I would be more than happy to assist you in properly putting together a listing that will work for your business.

National Road Yard Sale.com  –  Strictly an information website for blogging on yard sales along the National Road,  no other blogs will be permitted.  No business listings will be on this website except blog writers and text and banner advertising which is also very cost effective.

National Road East.com –  This is a business directory for businesses along the National Road only no other businesses can advertise on this website.  Our goal is to build business for the National Road and keep business on the National Road.  Bloggers can also write articles to appear on this website for anything related to the National Road or on the National Road and gain a ton of exposure with what you write for free.

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How to Place Business Ads that get noticed

How to place business ads that get noticed

There are a few important items to remember when placing an ad online:

  1. Only plaBusiness Ads that get noticedce business ads on websites that have more than a couple of ads,  there is a reason not to advertise on websites with very few ads.  The reason being they usually cannot be found via any type of web search,  there are many local advertising resources that will try to charge you because they may either place an ad in a local paper or they may even have advertising on the television, radio or even advertising on the highways or local roads.  The only way you should pay for advertising on any website is if it has rankings online, let’s face it most people will not even remember the other advertising long term or for that matter even short term so why waste your time or money.
  2. I have seen many papers or even local companies that charge a monthly fee to advertise your business for either coupons or ad space on their websites and the only way you can find them is if you know the businesses name, so you really need to think about that type of advertising.  Stop and think for one minute how many people do you really think have ever heard of your business outside of your local area and if you are in a large city really how many people even know you exist.  You are correct if your answer is hardly any, so why pay those hard earned dollars to someone who did a sales pitch in front of you.  Understand a little bit about advertising online can save you some money and make you money.  Of course, there are some people that might come to your door with an opportunity that really is a good deal, you should have them show you their rankings so that you can understand what they are saying.  Unfortunately, most people do not want to take the time to understand and will just pay the smooth talker as to taking the time to learn.
  3. Learn to advertise using keywords relevant to your business, of course, you can incorporate your business name also but only at the end of the title as the beginning is the most important space.

Advertising Online and Placing Business Ads

Let us now move on to advertising online and placing business ads that will get noticed, follow these important step and your business can make money for your online and offline business:

  1. Always remember the “Title” of the ad is very important to make sure that you make these important relative keywords for your business. Never make a title like this:

Example:   Joe’s Plumbing This is a waste of time but rather advertise it this way: Example:  Columbus, Ohio Plumbing – Commercial / Residential  use Joe’s Plumbing Our Advertising resource ranks high on all of the serps:  BuckeyeAds.com

  1. Now let’s move on to the body, it is important to remember to first incorporate the title at the beginning then skip a couple of lines.  If the website allows tags use <h1></h1> for the title.  On BuckeyeAds.com you can use tags in the YouTube Video area so feel free to use them either in place of the video or with the video.

It is important to understand that with most online advertising there are no limits as to how much text you can use so you can go into detail on your advertising.  Additionally, you can place one ad or multiple ads concentrating on certain keywords in each ad.  An example would be in one listing you would concentrate on commercial plumbing and in the other listing concentrate on residential plumbing. Also you can incorporate your url in most advertising resources but make sure you use the http://www. With your advertising as most sites will convert this to a hyperlink. It is important that your ad has a counter on it so you can see the effectiveness of your advertising and if they do not offer or have this feature then I would suggest placing the text of the ad on one site and then say for more information click here to go to the site that offer a counter and do not put images on the one site, only put images on the site with the counter and people will click through. BuckeyeAds.com offers all of the above features for you.

  1. Two of the most important features you need to take advantage of is images, videos, etc. need to be included in your advertising even if you only include one, that is better than none at all.  The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words still is important today with advertising online.  Additionally, you now have the ability to localize your ad by using the Google Map feature that is available with each ad, simply check the box to the right and a drop-down menu will appear where you place your physical address.  This is unique with BuckeyeAds.com only as businesses with multiple locations can now add specials for different locations and realtors can advertise each office.

Use Premium Advertising and Get Noticed

A new service that we offer is premium advertising, with our premium advertising you get the whole ball of wax, in addition, one ad will rotate on our main page which will provide you maximum exposure.  The business ads that rotate can be updated whenever you choose so if you sell different products simply change the ad, these ads will rotate on our main page for 3 different preset time frames that you choose, either 30-60-90 or 365 days and the value is let’s say one of the best values online.  In most newspapers, they will charge you more than we charge for the year just for one day,  so the exposure cannot be beaten.  Most advertising online will cost about $50 bucks for a 1000 impressions, that is not clicks but views and in many cases, you get no clicks.   On BuckeyeAds.com over the year you may get 100,000 impressions so I can guarantee that you will get many more clicks to your ad.  It is important though you take some time putting the ad together so you can get the click-throughs to your website, do not take the value of online advertising lightly.  

View:  http://www.ggolden.com Questions or Comments please feel free to contact me at 740-255-0852, Gary Golden

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February 9, 2011
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Golden Advertising and Your Business

Golden Advertising and your business

Golden Advertising is a family of high ranked websites that GGolden.com is the parent site, our sites include the following:  GUDesigns.coProfessional Website Designm –  A professional design and development company with offices in New Concord, Ohio and Akron, Ohio offering businesses and individuals a complete service which includes website design, development, advertising. social -media development, professional organic search engine optimization.  We have been creating high ranked websites as a business for several years now and have been doing our own websites since 1999.  Most website designers only offer customers the ability to have a nice website but with us, you will not only get a nice website but one that ranks well on the search engines, we not only can create you a nice static website but can also create you a content management system that you can edit yourself. We do not stop there as we also provide your new business with incoming links that will get your website noticed quickly and not many months out, after all, time is money when you are in business.  Speaking of business I also have over 30 years of business experience running my own businesses, how many designers offer that as most only do website design and have no clue on running a business that lasts over 30 years.  Another service we offer is free business advertising on our highly ranked advertising website and we can even incorporate a feed into your new website showing your business ads on BuckeyeAds.com so when you advertise a special new service or product it will get noticed quickly as we receive over 15 million hit and growing each year on our ads website and when it comes to business advertising we are one of the highest ranked websites online not just for Ohio but on global searches.

Free Business Advertising, Free Classifieds

BuckeyeAds.com – A premium advertising resource for businesses that provides you what you need to get your business noticed unlike most advertising solutions and our service is still free.  BuckeyeAds.com receives millions of visitors each year and has been operating an online business for over 16 years under Golden Advertising’s family of sites.  Our service has added new features that enable potential customers to share your ads with their friends quickly and easily with our social networking features so when you are offering new services or expanding your offerings use BuckeyeAds to get noticed quickly, we can also incorporate a feed on your website showing your offerings to your website customers, this enables you to place your updates whenever you want and your ads will show on your site immediately.   Our family of websites is much larger but the above sites are considered our main websites that drive your business.  We also offer banner advertising which runs through all of our main viewable pages throughout our family of websites and directories which is a cost-effective way also to get your word out.

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February 1, 2011