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Business Marketing Online

Business Marketing Online

In today’s business arena if you do not have an online business marketing effort then you probably have a business

Online Marketing

that is struggling, you need to understand what is available to you online to really succeed with your offline ventures.  In our area we see business closings all of the time and when I look closely into why the business closes it is usually because the company did not make changes when they needed, these changes should include the following:

  • Having a website that is properly optimized for organic searches, start with local, regional and statewide then as you build incoming links you can expand to national and global rankings.  Start small and grow big!
  • Identify your markets and do not underestimate new potential new markets, be willing to make changes.
  • Do not wait until it is to late to make change, always look for new areas that offer potential growth.
  • Make immediate modifications in fixed expenses to match income,  the old saying you snooze you lose is very important.  Some companies worry about making cuts in employees but if you do not make cuts as needed you might not have any employees and no chance of ever bringing them back.
  • Study fixed expenses, modifications can always be made and some good changes are right in front of  your eyes.  Many times you may need to hire someone to analyze your business as someone else may see what you do not because you are to close to the problem areas.

Building a Better Business for Tomorrow

When making your move online you need to incorporate free and paid business advertising as a way to not only sell products but hone in on various relevant keywords for your business and products in addition to building incoming links to various pages in your website.  Create quality content for your advertising efforts and incorporate pictures as pictures are still worth a thousand words online or off, also incorporate social media into all of your advertising efforts to create chatter about your products or services.  Initially you will not create much chatter but as you learn to right quality content the chatter will start.  It is better to be a day late than a dollar short!

Identifying Changes in Business

Are you wanting to test changes before making changes on your website then take advantage of free and paid advertising to do so,  hone in on the keywords for local and regional results to see demand, study the results.  Create a special page that you advertising links to so you can see how many clicks are going to that page or use google analytics to view how many clicks come from various advertising efforts.

If you do not have google analytics on your website then we can set you up for just a small fee and you can start studying your traffic tomorrow.

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Building a Website in a Down Economy

Understandably in this economy, most small businesses are on the cheap, the problem lies with a misunderstanding of the needs of your business.  As a business owner, there are many things in your business you can cut, even fixed expenses can be cut but the one thing that you should not go on the complete cheap on is your website, either the one you presently have or the one you are planning on building.

Building A WebsiteThere are items that can be cut which include some of the functionality or even the size of the site, but what cannot be cut is your website is properly optimized for organic search results, this is singularly the most important part of any website and usually this is what small companies overlook as most businesses or individuals think that simply putting a great looking website online will bring in the business, it won’t!  Some will hire a designer that says he knows SEO when all he really knows is the proper way to mow his yard,  before settling on a someone to build your new website you will need to do some homework.

Honestly, small business people need to have a basic understanding of being online or simply as for example of rankings on a website that the designer has done, this is the simplest way to see if he even has a basic understanding of what organic SEO is even about.   If his or her website only ranks for their business name then they do not know squat on what organic SEO is even about, or if they just load up the title tags with keywords that have no relevance to the content then they have a very basic understanding of the process, though If they are charging you for this your website may end up in the sandbox for spamming.

You do not have to believe me but to be honest, I have been doing this for over 20 years now and my websites are some of the highest ranked websites for relevant keywords that pertain the what the business is and does.  Personally I have made many people a lot of money over the years and still, today do work for these companies, while other people have paid me to teach them and today make a lot of money doing the same thing and of course they do it right.

If you are on a budget then start small and grow with the website business that Is created, having the updates made to your website with profits as this is a much better choice than go on the cheap and only get a nice design and all of the functionality as you will be paying and paying a lot more in the short term with the major search engines as you will have to buy rankings for the keywords relevant to your business.   This is what most SEO’s actually do, they charge you a premium and then they pay GOOGLE, MSN or even YAHOO for the rankings and you’re out of pocket expense will never go down, in fact, this could cost thousands a month as opposed to just having the expense upfront one time.  Many of the websites I personally have done have not needed updates for a year or more and still rank well on the search engines,  though the websites I maintain are updated at least every 3 months as the search engines like fresh content.

My development company offers a wide range of options from just getting started to a high-end website with all of the functionality, of course, all of our websites are properly optimized for local, regional and global rankings,  you also need to understand that global ranking are not attained quickly but built over time and incorporate much more than simply having a website online as the rankings of your competitor will come into major play and how many incoming links their websites have in addition to how they are optimized.  As for local and regional results you can attain these quite quickly and start the business rolling again, of course, there is the competition factor, meaning how your competitor website is done.

I can do a site survey for you prior to building your online business to give you a good idea on how you will be ranked along with a time frame it will take to achieve that ranking at no additional charge.  The best advice I can give to anyone that wants an online business is to not to wait till you are broke to start your online business.

Good luck with your online business and I hope that I have added some insight on getting started and remember proof of rankings before having a company do your website.  See how their websites rank, no rankings then I would not be cutting any checks.

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