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Changing With The Times

Small Business – Business Environment

As a small business you need to stay in touch to the business environment out there,  don’t get so entrenched in your business that you do not see what is changing around you.  All business is ever changing, as a business owner you need to see the changes and make those changes before you become one of the statistics.  Every year thousands of business go by the wayside, some simply just because owners cannot sell and just want out and other because they did not make changes when they needed to.

Changing with the times

Small Business – Ability to Change

When talking to business owners as an example which I hear all of the time is ” We never needed a website in the past, word of mouth is the best form of advertising.”  It still is the problem is that the word of mouth is being done over social media, now you can still have some business that simply walks in or calls because they heard about you from the neighbor but what happens if that neighbor moves, or even passes away well that word of mouth is gone.  The time to start thinking about your future is not when you do not have the money to do anything but when you can afford to do it right and then just maintain.  

Here are the steps you need to take while you still have a business that can be built:

Small Business – Online Business Development

  1.  Build yourself a nice website that is properly optimized and interacts with your social media pages so they can work together on building your business, personally, I would suggest a content management system like WordPress since even non-tech people can work in this environment.  
  2.  Build links to your online business, this can be done from high ranked directories, writing blogs pertaining to your business, your social media should always provide links to your website business.
  3.  Designate a couple of hours each week to your website, link building, article writing, etc.
  4.  Study what keywords people are using to find your business or pay someone to do this for you, I would suggest learning this for yourself that way you can instantly make changes as you see fit and also write articles pertaining to the keyword you want to get rankings for.
  5. Keep in touch with what your competitors are offering at their business, pay attention to what guest are saying or asking for, you need to make the final decision on which might most benefit your business in both short term and long term goals.
  6.  Read reviews on your competitors to see what people are paying attention to so you do not fall into that hole,  remember if you do not pay someone to do something then it becomes your responsibility to do it.  Many independents or small business owners fall into the trap if things get slow and they cannot pay someone to do a job that the job is not important and pretty soon nothing is getting done, this should never be the case as a business owners you need to pick up the slack.

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