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Our Classified System

Building Business Together
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BuckeyeAds.com has a classified system which is not just for businesses anymore though we have added a twist for businesses for that added exposure which is a business directory under the category businesses.   Additionally, of course, you can post in the classified categories but for that added exposure for your business, you can also have a business listing in our business directory.

With our free classified system businesses and individuals can place as many free listings as long as they do not have the same content as this is considered spamming, with spamming all ads will be deleted so make sure that when placing multiple listings that you modify your content accordingly.  Our new advertising systems will enable you to concentrate on the following.

  1.  Multiple city advertising so you have the ability to target market your products,  hone in on city specific keywords, build your business in areas that you want to build.
  2. All listings are search engine friendly meaning your listings can obtain rankings on the major search engines.  
  3. Provide the ability to add links to webpages plus share with the major social networks.
  4. The ability for people who might be interested in your products to converse with you.

Now our directory listings will cost only 1.99 for a 90 day listing with the ability to extend your listing up to 1 year,  making it very cost effective for any business.  Should you have a real-estate business, new or used car and truck sales we can provide you with additional discounts for large advertisers, please contact us directly.  

Business directory listings are placed by adding the 1.99 cost into the blank box to the right of where you see the fee. After completing your listing you will be asked to pay the fee, simply pay via PayPal and your listing will be put live within 24 hours for which we will add this time onto your listing so customers do not feel they are losing anything, All listings must be approved so that listings not meeting our requirements are not listed. Ad listings not approved will have the money refunded to the advertiser. Rankings for BuckeyeAds.com have continuously grown over the last several months, today we are one of the highest ranked systems in Ohio making our advertising cost for your business extremely cost effective.

Our new classified system has a banner ads system built into it, from your control panel you can place a banner ad. At present only 468 x 60 ads can be placed.

With our new system you can also become an affiliate an earn 50% commission of all paid listings, what a great way if you have a website to earn a good income from banner ads, classifieds and more.

Our new business forum at OhioForum.com provides anyone in business the ability to interact with other business professionals with a question and answer forum, simply login and post questions or provide answers.  All questions must be relevant to a business, we are all business all the time on Ohio Forum.

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Golden Advertising and Your Business

Golden Advertising and your business

Golden Advertising is a family of high ranked websites that GGolden.com is the parent site, our sites include the following:  GUDesigns.coProfessional Website Designm –  A professional design and development company with offices in New Concord, Ohio and Akron, Ohio offering businesses and individuals a complete service which includes website design, development, advertising. social -media development, professional organic search engine optimization.  We have been creating high ranked websites as a business for several years now and have been doing our own websites since 1999.  Most website designers only offer customers the ability to have a nice website but with us, you will not only get a nice website but one that ranks well on the search engines, we not only can create you a nice static website but can also create you a content management system that you can edit yourself. We do not stop there as we also provide your new business with incoming links that will get your website noticed quickly and not many months out, after all, time is money when you are in business.  Speaking of business I also have over 30 years of business experience running my own businesses, how many designers offer that as most only do website design and have no clue on running a business that lasts over 30 years.  Another service we offer is free business advertising on our highly ranked advertising website and we can even incorporate a feed into your new website showing your business ads on BuckeyeAds.com so when you advertise a special new service or product it will get noticed quickly as we receive over 15 million hit and growing each year on our ads website and when it comes to business advertising we are one of the highest ranked websites online not just for Ohio but on global searches.

Free Business Advertising, Free Classifieds

BuckeyeAds.com – A premium advertising resource for businesses that provides you what you need to get your business noticed unlike most advertising solutions and our service is still free.  BuckeyeAds.com receives millions of visitors each year and has been operating an online business for over 16 years under Golden Advertising’s family of sites.  Our service has added new features that enable potential customers to share your ads with their friends quickly and easily with our social networking features so when you are offering new services or expanding your offerings use BuckeyeAds to get noticed quickly, we can also incorporate a feed on your website showing your offerings to your website customers, this enables you to place your updates whenever you want and your ads will show on your site immediately.   Our family of websites is much larger but the above sites are considered our main websites that drive your business.  We also offer banner advertising which runs through all of our main viewable pages throughout our family of websites and directories which is a cost-effective way also to get your word out.

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