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We have been in the travel business now for almost 40 years so rest assured that I understand the travel and tourism industry and over the last 20 years I have been developing an online business and have gained a keen understanding of how to obtain rankings on the major search engines along with how to retain that business.  It is important when purchasing a business with a physical location that you also have a website developed for an online presence whether you purchase an affiliated property or by an independent property.  An online presence could be your single best money generator available when done right, there lies one of the problems as most business owners are willing to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars on a physical location but what a website developed on a low budget which is usually under $1,000.

Online Travel Business – Travel Website Design

First let’s start with your travel website design,  creating a memorable and functional design is extremely important.  Your new website must incorporate pages relative to what your business is incorporating images that reflect the content on your travel website page.   Proper flow for you online travel business is very important as an example let’s say your travel business is a motel or chain hotel, most investors and individual buyers will rely 100% on either foot traffic or travel from their chain website which creates an affiliate page for individual property owners.

Should you be interested in discussing alternatives to the above information feel free to contact me.

Travel Advertising

With having a travel website online travel advertising will work in a couple of different ways.

  • Direct Travel Business – This is made from traffic to the website which is then referred to your website via a website link.  This is usually made by advertising on travels guides, business advertising resources or proper organic search engine optimization.
  • Indirect Travel Business – Indirect travel business is not realized by the average business but it is there either from individuals who like the content that your website offers or the services that you provide.
  • Travel Business Directories – Travel directories are a necessity of the travel business and provide both direct and indirect business for your website.   Indirect business is realized when a properly optimized website moves up in the search engine rankings for their chosen keywords.

A common misunderstanding on business owners is when you think by simply having a website the masses will find you and droves of new business will be at your doorsteps.  Not, but a properly optimized website will provide local and regional rankings quite quickly but to obtain higher rankings for global keywords will require time and some work on your part building relevant incoming links to your website.  Of course, this can also be outsourced if you have the money to pay for it,  our company does provide some excellent resources both in the form of travel directories and travel advertising resources listed below:

  • – A high ranking global travel directory based in Ohio, both free and premium listings are available.
  • – A high ranking travel website for Ohio,  get your Ohio based travel business not only higher ranked on the search engines but receive direct traffic also offering both premium and free listings.
  • – A high ranking travel and business website for businesses on the National Road offering both premium and free listings
  • – A high ranked business advertising resource for all types of businesses with global rankings, advertising on this website is a must for any business.  Thousands of new advertiser each month realize the value of both premium and free advertising.

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